January 1 on August 31?

A new year started on August 31. It’s strange to feel that in August, but this felt more like the day to make some resolutions than January 1 does.

School began again. I’ve been going to school since the age of 5. That sounds absolutely insane but it’s true. I was a lifer at my school attending the same institution of learning from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Straight to University for four years of a Bachelor of Education degree and then right into the teaching work force. It feels like a lot of years of homework.

But today was a new and exciting experience for a group of Grade 4 learners. Stoically, they walked to the end of the world – the classroom feels that far away from everything. They shyly walked up wondering if their names were on the class roster. There were some beaming smiles as eager learners crossed the thresh-hold and some grimaces as some students were redirected to other rooms. Fresh faces came equipped with binders, scribblers, duotangs, unsharpened pencils, plastic wrapped erasers and much potential. The excitement of writing in a scribbler for the first time this year. A new page. The possibilities are endless.

It’s a new year. A chance at a new beginning. New learning to be accomplished. New adventures to seek out. It all looks shiny and sparkly at this moment.

I’m mulling over what I hope for this year.

I hope to know and love Jesus better over the course of this year.
I hope and pray that my learners will come to know Jesus better and love Him more. If that happens, I will have done my job.
I hope to be diligent. To accomplish what needs to occur in a timely and effective manner.
I want a life. That seems to not fit with some of the realities of teaching, but I do want a life. The boundaries and balance needed to do the challenging work of teaching and also maintain a balanced perspective allowing my life to have other possibilities in it besides my job. (I will probably fail miserably at this, but it’s a goal!)
I’m open to possibilities that I haven’t thought of. Some things I’ve wanted to do for a while and I’m finally doing them. I’ve got ideas about where I would like to travel and explore over the course of the next year. However, I want to hold those possibilities loosely. Who knows what will happen!

I have no idea what’s directly in front of me. Each day is a mystery full of opportunity and possibility. I pray for the ability to experience each moment. To relish in the delight. To grieve in the sorrow. To hope when it seems hopeless. To encourage and strengthen when words are called for. To sit in silence when there is nothing left to be said. To listen with patience and understanding. To be hands and feet when action is called for. To be present and listening to His voice. To have the courage to follow through in obedience.

A New Year’s come
Not much change
Some things always stay the same
Only You can change this heart
And make it yours ev’ry part

Take my life
Draw me close
Mould my will
And make it yours
I am thine, change each part
Guard my heart ’cause I am yours

A new year’s come
time to make a change
Some things shouldn’t stay the same
Only You can change this heart
And make it yours Ev’ry part

Take my life
Draw me close
Mould my will
And make it yours
I am thine, change each part
Guard my heart ’cause I am yours


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