I am loved …

It started with a song – a SOTM to be exact. A Song of the Morning. The one waking me up, filling my mind with words. Words from my Father for me.

Jesus Loves Me

It came again from the heart of a learner. “I wish you could cancel meetings, it’s not right without you.”

It returned in the hug and kiss from a mother and father, an invitation to supper, pull up a chair, sit and rest awhile.

It wrapped around me in the joy of a group of friends together after a summer apart.

You are loved. You belong. You matter.

I forget this often. I attempt to wilt into corners and hide myself in places where I think no one is watching. It’s like depriving a plant of sun and water and hoping it will survive.

I was made to experience this love. To be delighted in. To be rejoiced over. To be celebrated. Not out of vanity or for the sake of my pride, but because made in His image, I am loved by Him. And He delights to remind me of His love for me if I will stop and listen.


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