I love you …

I’ve said these words. To parents. To siblings. To nephews and a niece. To friends.

Sometimes I say the words glibbly. I love you. And then I run onto other thoughts and things. I brush past their significance and insert things that seem to be more important. Is there anything more important than “I love you?”

Other times, I say the words and insert a full stop. A hug for a grieving family member and I love you. What else could be said?

I forget the significance of sharing love with others. I forget how often I crave to hear these words said to me. These three simple words have the power to shift my attention, my focus, my feelings. There is beauty in these words.

The cross reminds me that Jesus says these words over me. But as often as I neglect to say these words to others, I forget to hear the words of Jesus spoken to me. He says I love you in the miracles He performs. He says it as He calls my name. He says I love you as a Song of the Morning wakes me up. He says I love you in His nail pierced hands. He says it in the peace that pervades the chaos that seems to accompany every part of my life. If I’m honest, my ears are plugged. They are filled with the gunk of outside voices and lies that distract me and distance me from the truth and power of His words over me. I am in desperate need of truth. Of the ability to hear Jesus speak over me. To be awash in the love that He lavishes on me. To hear His I love you drown out all of the confusion and noise and to rest in those words. And then, to generously repeat them over and over so that the balm and power of His love would pervade each moment of my day and bless those who need to hear it too.

I love you.


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