There was nowhere I had to be today. No pressing agenda that required accomplishing somewhere else. I could stay home. The luxury of home. The joy of staying home. I’d forgotten how much my soul craved this respite until it fell into my lap.

My home is simple. It is no castle. But it’s the safe place where my hair is let down. The place where I relax. The place where I recharge for whatever is coming next.

However, no home is completely permanent. There will be moves and changes, perhaps even a renovation. Things accumulate, are sorted, some are tossed, some are donated. The most precious stay.

But, there’s a home that is even surer than mine. One that is going to be magnificent beyond my understanding. Jesus has promised a house with many rooms for those who follow Him. (John 14:1-7) A place of hope. A place of encouragement. A place where He will be. A place of respite. A place to let my hair down. A place to be fixed on Him.

My earthly home is a place of present delight. His eternal home will be one of everlasting joy in His presence. The ultimate home awaits.


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