Turkey dinner. All the fixings. The time honoured ones like stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. The family specialties like bean casserole and today’s dessert of birthday cake. It was the day to pause and celebrate thankfulness. It was a chance to take stock of my heart and determine if I am a grateful person or a grumbler.

What am I thankful for?

A Heavenly Father who lavishes me with love. Who loves me unconditionally. Whose sacrifice has given me freedom from sin and hope for forever.

A new day that’s been given to me to be filled with experiences. To wake up each morning is a gift to be grateful for all on its own.

A family that prays together. That acknowledges that God has given us to each other. From the youngest of family members to the eldest, we are uniquely part of a whole.

A family that laughs together. Over games, silly sayings and general goofiness.

Friends to laugh with and share stories.

Friends who will carry my burdens, sympathizing in the moments of frustration and encouraging on to other possibilities.

A home. A place to hang my hat. Shelter provided in the midst of the storm.

Food to eat. More than I need and the cupboards to hold it.

Clothes to wear and the variety to make a myriad of choices (especially when I say “I have nothing to wear.”)

Technology, in abundance, to communicate with the world.

The ability to read. To know what is written and to understand it.

The privilege of playing and instrument and the opportunity to use that gift to bless others with song and worship.

A church community filled with people who come together to worship. Some who know me well. Others who know me because of where I serve or sit each Sunday. The feeling of community of belonging to a group of believers.

It’s really just the start of a list. The start of the ways I need to be reminded that all of this and so much more is a gift, a blessing. I am often too quick to grumble because it does not look the way I hope it will. To quick to want more when my needs have been already provided for in abundance. Tomorrow will come with another opportunity to choose gratitude or grumbling. I’ve sat with the grumbler and been easily convinced that it’s never enough. However, I’ve also sat with a grateful one and been reminded that there is so much more possible when my heart is full of the joy that only a thankful heart can bring.

Father, thank you for the abundance that You have given me. May I be a faithful steward with what You have lavished on me. May I use it to generously affect the lives of those I love and those I have yet to meet. Amen.


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