Never alone …


The Lord replied, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14

A friend gave me this verse just prior to my move to South Africa for some months. I knew that journey was supposed to happen. God had written on billboards that I was meant to spend some more concentrated time in a country that held my heart. I had my bags packed but a heart full of trepidation and fear. This verse met me exactly in the moment when fear seemed to be winning. I wasn’t going alone on this adventure. I was rather following the one who had called me to go. The one who knows my name. The one who has the plan for me. I wasn’t alone.

While I knew this was true, the personal ways God reminded me of His presence were amazing. He’s good like that. Waiting in the airport, I met a colleague that I had shared an office with. As God would have it, she and I were on the same flight for the first half of the journey. It was God’s reminder that He had all of this in the palm of His hand. Then waiting to board the flight, I ran into a former teacher who was taking a group of her learners to Europe for Spring Break. It was God’s exclamation point.

I frequently cling to these obvious examples of God’s presence. They were ones that I could reach out and touch. However, there are other tangible expressions like a Song of the Morning that He showers on me. I wonder if I “discount” these remarkable moments because they occur more regularly. I wonder if I’m looking for something exotic when God is there in my ordinary. To be honest, I know I miss Him often. I’m not paying attention. I miss those moments when He showers His grace and mercy on me. I wish I was more observant, more attuned to His provision and grace. More in awe of what is the exotic regular-ness of my life because it testifies to Him at work in me.

I’ve never been alone. His presence has been with me.


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