I wonder …

My learners and I were studying the miracles of Jesus and the I wonders started flying.

I wonder what the owner of the house thought when he watched his roof get ripped apart by four friends who were desperate for Jesus to heal the one who was paralyzed?

I wonder how many women and children were unaccounted for in the feeding of the 5000? If there were 5000 men, there had to be a lot of women present. Children too!

I wonder about how many people Jesus healed when he was in Gennesaret? Mark says that people ran all over the countryside gathering the sick to be in Jesus presence. What did that look like?!

I wonder what it felt like to be healed by Jesus simply by reaching out and touching the hem of His cloak?

I wonder why the man who received his sight had to be touched by Jesus twice? The first time, Jesus spit on the man’s eyes (eww gross) and people appeared to be trees walking around. Then Jesus touched him and the man was healed. Why didn’t the first time work? I didn’t have a good answer for the student who asked me that question!

My Bible leaves me with questions. There is so much I absolutely do not understand. Things that make me question my faith, question my trust. Jesus is all powerful and heals. I know people wanting and waiting for a miracle right now. Jesus power has not changed but the miracle does not seem to be coming their way. Am I looking for the “wrong” kind of miracle? I wonder …

I have unanswered prayers for family members and even myself. Some of these prayers are years and even decades old. I am still waiting for an answer. I sometimes stop asking. I, too frequently, lose hope. I wonder when the answers will come. What the answers will look like. I wonder what answers I’ve missed because I have been too busy looking for something that I want instead of what He has provided. I wonder …

Someday my I wonders will have answers. In the meantime, I will continue to wonder away. My faith grows as it is stretched with the I wonders. I hope I am always amazed by what Jesus does and challenged by what He says. I know I will never understand it all, but I hope and pray that I will always pursue a knowledge of Him that grows.


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