Mountains in Motion

I basked in the Rocky Mountains today. I wasn’t there in person, but with the luxury of video I was there. As the images passed by, I couldn’t help but have my jaw drop. The beauty was inspiring.

The vastness of the sky. Endless. Spanning an endless domain.

The backdrop of the starry host. The ways the stars shoot across the sky. The pinpricks of light which polka dot the blackness with white.

The northern lights. Dancing elegantly across the winter nights sky. Green, purple and pink, ribbons of colour decorating a black curtain.

Water. Snow melting as winter turns to spring. Icicles formed from dripping water. Waterfalls crashing into the rocks below.

The splendour of the mountains. Rising from the plains, stretching to the sky, bursting to jagged tips.

From the smallest blade of grass to the fur on the back of a fox to the peak of a mountain, each of them demonstrate the talent and creativity of God. I can’t draw, not for love nor money, but my God has a creative streak and a drawing ability that blows my mind. His hands have formed the majestic mountains and my heart that beats. He’s the Creator of the massive and the miniscule.

The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Psalm 19:1


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