Sitting on my hands …


How long are you going to sit around on your hands, putting off taking possession of the land that God, the God of your ancestors, has given you? Joshua 18:3 (The Message)

I am a sit on your hands kind of person sometimes. Professionally, I am a get in there like a dirty shirt person. When it comes to some decisions I make the choice quickly. But when it comes to stretching my faith, taking risks, stepping out boldly, I am quick to park it in neutral and not move at all.

My inactivity is in itself a choice. The land of neutral is one that is filled with all sorts of pitfalls and dangers. Complacency quickly drives many an opportunity away. Fear paralyzes. Doing nothing keeps me locked into the same position day after day. It is getting to the edge of the diving board, toes curled over the edge, looking at the water and choosing to smile at it. The exhilaration of flying through the air and plunging under the surface is hard to feel when you are stuck on the edge of the board.

I was not made for neutral. I also was not made for reverse. Oh, there are many moments when I would love a “do over.” I would love to be able to take back a comment or a thought. I would love to be able to do something better than I did. I would love to change my attitude. But time and days march forward without consideration of my desires for a do over. None is given. Reverse is not a part of the equation.

I was made for moving forward. To explore new paths and possibilities. To search for and better understand the truth. To know God in deeper and more meaningful ways. To experience life with Him to the fullest. To move into uncharted waters.

But neutral is comfortable. It offers the illusion of safety and security. This static position is like the mirrors in the funhouse distorting the image so that it is unrecognizable. Neutral may appear to be safe, but it is not.

So I choose to continually move out of the driver’s seat. To watch as God shifts the vehicle of my life into gear. He leads me to places where I do not know what will happen. As He reminds me again of His love care, He sees my attempts at reverse and neutral. However, in His love and mercy, He nudges me (sometimes shoves me) forward into the land that He has for me. The view is always better when I continue in His way.


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