an adjective meaning in a state of peaceful happiness, satisfied … and not wishing for more

a noun meaning a state of satisfaction

The place known as content sounds beautiful. Things are good there. It is filled with just the right stuff, not too much, not too little, the perfect amount.

I’ve not parked there often. I have been in too much of a rush to arrive at the land of more. I have often looked at the place of content as a place that is missing things that would make me happy and satisfied and so have sped on because a surface glance left it wanting.

You see I am adverse to the land of less. That place of comparison leaves me with the conviction that I have missed out, that I do not have enough. That if I arrived in more I would be better off.

So in my rush to leave less and arrive at more, I’ve missed the subtle beckoning of content. The land of content finds my heart at rest. It inspires peace. Comparison is avoided because it is not needed. There is a level of soul satisfaction that can be found here because He inhabits the land of content. He has always wanted souls to find respite there because He has always been enough. It is a place to go deeper and fuller with Him because that is what He continues to call me to. “Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord …” Philippians 4:1a


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