Called Me Higher

I talk a lot. The nature of my career calls for it. Talk, share information, exchange ideas.

I listen. Learners have fun facts about their lives, their weekends, connections they have made to what we are learning about. I often ask them to wait a moment. I want to be sure that I am fully listening, not just half listening, but all in.

I find people so much easier to listen to than Jesus. (I may have just hit the heresy button.) I can clearly hear people. I don’t always hear His voice clearly. It’s often lost in the shuffle and busy moments of my day. But when I stop. When I genuinely pay attention, it often quietly resonates in my heart and mind.

Recently, I have been unable to escape this idea of calling. Called to continue in the career that I have been blessed with. Called to be involved in ministry in my church. Called to be obedient and write. Called to step out of my normal and try new things. Called to grow in my walk with God, to go higher and deeper where He continues to lead me.

Sometimes I respond readily to the call. It is that resounding, that impactful that I must move straightaway. Other times, I waffle in indecision. I can’t figure out the way to go, even though He has it spelled out for me. Other times, I dig in. I am far from obedient. I don’t want to do it, so I won’t do it, so there and a defiant posture is assumed. When I throw my little, and sometimes big, moments of defiance at His plan I miss so much of what He has intended for me. I miss the blessings that walking in His way will bring. I miss hearing from Him clearly because I have chosen to ignore Him. When I finally do abandon my own plan and come around to His, I am grateful my gracious Father listens to me, forgives me and continues to build a deeper relationship with me.

I’ve made a career of talking and listening. If only my relationship with my Heavenly Father was full of quality communication too.


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