When God hits repeat …

The Song of the Morning was familiar. Two songs that have been digging into my brain in the last weeks were stuck on repeat.

They didn’t leave. Throughout the day, in the middle of activity, they appeared again and again. Not the whole song, but fragments or a chorus returned in ever increasing volume.

There’s a message I am meant to retrieve from these songs. A call to bask in the presence of God. A call to go deeper in Him. A call to let Him lead me in ways sure and dependable and in other challenging and risky. He is the God of both the sure and risk. Safety is not what He is after but rather a faithful pursuing of the steps where He has already walked ahead of me.

God is a fan of the repeat button. All over the Scriptures there are examples of His repetition.

Days begin, end, begin and end.

He tells three day stories. Daniel in the lion’s den. Jonah and the whale. Jesus and the tomb.

He spells out seven day stories. Creation. Joshua, the people of Israel and the walls of Jericho.

He uses 40. The number of days and nights it rained for Noah and the flood. The number of years the Israelites wandered in the desert. The number of days He fasted prior to the temptation.

The Bible’s writers have favourite sayings. Ezekiel’s all about “then you will know that I am the Lord.” John’s emphasis of the Word is hard to miss.

All of these moments, their repetition and emphasis are meant to draw me in. To call me to the reminders that I have been missing. To bring me back to the heart of God, my Father, whose heart beats with love for me. There is a lesson to be learned. A practice of faith to grow in. God keeps hitting repeat because I need to hear the message again. I am forgetful. I am busy. I too often brush aside these reminders as trivial when they are crucial. His reminder could not be more clear – pay attention. This is important. Remember this!

God keeps hitting repeat! I hope I get the message.


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