Heaven peeks through

My hands rested on the keys and I wasn’t sure what the evening would hold. I love to play piano for worship. It fills my joy tank like almost nothing else.

Tonight was a little piece of heaven. There was joy! It showed up on the faces of singers dancing. It resounded in the kick from a drummer. It tentatively revealed itself in the chords from an electric guitar. It danced in my fingertips across a keyboard. Heaven opened for just a bit and a taste of future delight was revealed.

There is a beauty found in the words and music of worship that is hard to find anywhere else. There is something about being together in one heart and mind as you open your heart to Jesus in song that is unique and precious. There’s a vulnerability in making music. A mistake is hard to hide, but a heart abandoned to worship before the throne, that’s precious and unmistakably vulnerable.

So when the heaven’s open for those moments of transcendent beauty, I want to be present. I want to be accounted for. I want to remember the moment. I want to experience this often, more often than I usually do. Every once in a while, the divine and the ordinary collide.

Open up the Heavens


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