Before the throne …

I carefully joined the queue not wanting to barge in front of someone else. Not wanting to miss what was ahead of me. Each sign shouted warnings and not so gentle reminders to put cameras and any recording device away. Through the metal detector and around numerous corners the line wound its way. Security personnel were stationed throughout the complex with each one looking at the goings on and the hordes of people snaking through. A quiet murmur broke through occasionally but for such a large group of people, the volume was remarkably quiet.

The destination was The Tower of London with the Queen’s treasures secured inside. There was stunning wealth enclosed within each case. Gold, diamonds, jewels, encrusted everything from sceptres to crowns to dinner services, each seemingly larger and more impressive than the other. I would have loved to have snapped a picture or two but the starched looks of the guards had me leaving my camera safely where it was. I was impressed, taken aback by the wealth enclosed within those walls.

Another throne room is awaiting me. I have no idea what it will look like but I know it will put to shame any of the earthly majesty and beauty that we have imagined to date. This throne room beckons me to enter, to come and experience the full bounty. The King seated on the throne is the One who has paid the ransom for my life with His. Because of Him my soul has been freed. In His great love and mercy He has bought my pardon with the shedding of His Son’s blood.

Oh there is much that should keep me out. I so often give in to the temptation to wander my own way seeking the joys and jewels of the life that I know. There are entrapments set up all around to snare my feet and drag me off to parts unknown that seem dark with despair.

But the Pursuer of my Soul is One who will not let go of me. He calls my name again and again, finding me in pits of desperation, hands bloodied and raw as I attempt to release myself from my circumstances. With His mighty right arm, He reaches in to free me from what has bound me. He carefully lifts me out, sets me on my feet again, and works with me to remove the stains that seem to have worked their way in so deep as to become permanent. He knows that I will carry some marks from these experiences but He has a different destination in mind. His forgiveness and grace are right there being extended to my wounded soul again and again.

And so the throne room awaits. The jewels the Queen has worn are spectacular but the presence of Almighty God will put all the glitter and gold to shame. Before the Throne of God I have no need for expensive jewelry but am called to bask in the redemptive grace that has rescued me from the wreck of my life, has washed me clean and invites me to praise Him for being the rescuer of my soul.


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