The Ride

I’ve always wondered about rollercoasters. I admire the people with teflon stomachs who can ride them. I know some of them are fearful of the ride, nervous and full of anxious anticipation of the thrill of the experience. Some of them are completely confident knowing the ride is going to give them a good scare but a great deal of joy too!

I’m not that person!!!!! My stomach may be teflon coated for school things like blood and barf, but that level of teflon is the very thin variety. I can stand on the sidelines and watch a rollercoaster and not feel so good from the experience. I’m not even on the ride and my stomach is moving to places where it has no business being. To be honest, Disneyland may be called the happiest place on earth but it gives my stomach the heebie jeebies from thousands of kilometers away!

How do I sum up the month that has been my Write 31 days challenge? It’s been rollercoaster. There have been highs of great experiences and absolute bottoming out lows of grief. Highs of rejoicing in the beauty that God has created. Lows of rediscovering how sinful I am and how desperately I am in need of constant forgiveness and grace. Steady inclines of reminders of the grace of God and the provision He has made that I can be in relationship with Him. Cresting the top moments where joy has poured through everyday experiences that have been given to me so that I may have a glimpse of His face. Downward trends where I have wanted to apply the brakes but He has held my hand, reminded me of His love and pulled me through. Straight paths that have confirmed things I know and been blessed with. And more, so much more.

Rollercoasters have an entrance and an exit. There’s the measuring stick – if you are this tall, you can go on the ride. Then welcome aboard, belt yourself in, and hang on. There is an end where it all comes to the finish as the brakes are applied, the safety harness released and you get off the ride to go enjoy something else.

In a way this describes my month too! It turns out I was tall enough for the ride. I didn’t think I had this many words! And what is interesting to write about my life for 31 straight days! Nothing! Of that I was sure. However, it turns out there has been plenty to say, many lessons I’ve needed to learn and re-learn again. That’s been the ride. Now it’s a wondering about what is next, what thing am I meant to experience that is waiting for me. As November begins with the mysteries it holds, I know there are to lessons to be experienced and learned. It’s an exit but an entrance at the same time.

Where it all leads, I don’t know. I am grateful and relieved that He continues to direct the course. May I be faithful to walk in the directions He points me in.

Fear Not


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