I was tiny, smaller than all of the people who surrounded me. I wanted to see and so with a nod from my parents, I wiggled and squirmed my way to the front. Standing behind the rope, I watched the action as the hand shaped loaf of bread was placed in an oven that looked nothing like the one in the kitchen at home.

As I watched the action, completely entranced, I missed the fact that everyone else had moved on. I remember turning around expecting to see my family and instead I faced an empty room. The tears came instantly. I was alone and I should not have been.

Little did I know that my rescuers were right around the corner in the next room. They thought I knew they were moving on. They were within calling distance but because I could not see them, I was convinced they were gone.

Hearing my cries, my parents were back quickly! I was scooped up in loving arms. The tears were wiped away. I was not lost at all.

I sometimes feel the same way with Jesus. I do not want to miss the action of what He is up to. I want to be pressed close to the ropes so that I can see Him busy at work.

He is in the process of moulding and shaping my life and the lives of those around me. His hands are busy working the tools that will make me more like Him. There are some sharp corners that need to be rounded. There is scar tissue that needs to be dealt with as wounds from the past require releasing. Sometimes there are things buried deeply that need to be dug out. Sandpaper, chisels, hammers, scalpels and other tools may all be needed to complete the work. His expert hands are performing these operations for my good.

At times, I know that He is busy working. I feel the tools being applied to my heart and mind. Other times, it feels like God has stepped back from the project that is my life. He has gone into another room and I feel like I am all alone. Just like my parents, He has not abandoned me at all. Sometimes He is giving me time to heal and adjust to the new things that I have learned. Other times, He has moved to the next steps He has for me in my journey and He is leading the way and asking for me to bravely follow Him into territory I have not been in before. As I listen to His voice, I cannot be lost. He continues to speak and if I listen carefully to Him, I will know where He is and therefore I am always found – found in Him.


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