When gloom seems to pervade …

cold winter

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I live in a cold winter country. Snow is expected to fall. The temperature is expected to descend below -20 degrees Centigrade. Often gloomy clouds fill the sky. It is easy to stay indoors, to tunnel into the coziness of a roaring fire, a fuzzy blanket, hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea.

Gloom seems to be prevalent in more than just the weather. The news is the harbinger of all things gloomy. The price of the dollar – decreasing quickly. The price of a barrel of oil, getting lower all the time, even faster than the dollar. Jobs – more losses than hires. Stress soars. Spirits sag. Hope crumbles. Gloom persists.

It is easy to get stuck here. Stuck in the mire of worry and despair. Stuck in a state of constant loss.

But … sometimes the sun comes out. Somehow the coldest days in the middle of winter are also the days when the sun shines brightest. It doesn’t seem possible – freezing cold temperatures and brilliant sunshine. The sun is supposed to warm things up – how can it stay so cold?! It does, but the sun’s ability to change the outlook on a day is remarkable.


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I am in need of a dose of Sonshine. It is entirely possible for me to lose the focus of what He desires because of the quagmire around me. Every time negative things take centre stage, I forget about the loveliness that has been given me. Yes, there is more heartache in the world than I can stand, but I have not been abandoned. Instead I have been divinely equipped.

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

There is no part of my life’s journey where I am alone. Oh, I may feel alone. I may act like I am alone. I may play the part of the abandoned. But those are lies. Instead I am being reminded again and again that my good Father goes with me. Not only with me and beside me but before me. He knows the way. The way is new to me. It’s filled with gut wrenching twists and turns. Hidden behind outcroppings of rocks, the path seems to give way. It sometimes feels like the incline will never level out. But my Father knows where we are headed. He asks me to stay by His side. He asks me to hold onto His hand. He asks me to trust Him, keeping my eyes firmly on Him instead of watching my feet and seeing the cliffs dropping off beside me. If I watch Him and follow His lead, the gloom cannot hold back the light of His glorious face.

The gloom would love to dig itself into my heart, but armed with the Son, the glory of His face dispels the gloom bringing hope to the barren reaches of my soul.

Abide with Me – Matt Redman

Praise the King – Corey Voss


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