The fog …


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I stood on the coast of Newfoundland and seemingly stared out into the ocean. After wandering through a field of sheep, I had arrived at the optimal vantage point for viewing gannets – Cape St. Mary’s. However, the mists and fog had rolled in to the degree that the edge of the cliff that I was standing on was a little difficult to discern let alone a rock out in the ocean covered with birds. I could hear the birds, there was no doubt they were there. However, they were just little mounded white-ish puffs in a slightly less white-ish fog.

I feel like I have been living in a fog recently. Grief has come to my doorstep and moved in, bags in hand, to lay claim to my life, heart and mind. My heart is sore, tears are right there coming swiftly more often than I would like. Too many I love are walking a journey of pain and sorrow. The fog of grief and pain has settled in with its dense layers.

However, unlike my Cape St. Mary’s experience where I felt like I was wandering aimlessly and standing way to close to the cliffs edge, I know the One who is guiding each step on my journey. My Father is with me and with all those I love regardless of circumstance. He continues to draw near in the midst of the fog of pain and continues to reveal Himself in ways that touch my heart and frankly render me speechless. His presence is cherished because His arms of comfort are where I long to rest my weary soul.

There is none holy like the Lord; for there is none besides you; there is no rock like our God. The bows of the mighty are broken, but the feeble bind on strength. I Samuel 2:2, 4 (ESV)

I am so grateful for the rock steadfastness of my God. My world keeps shifting in ways that are completely mind numbing. The steps that once seemed sure and certain have become shaky and unsteady. But my God is the rock to whom I choose to cling. There is a steadiness that can only be found in Him regardless of circumstance.

His tenderness continues to be revealed. He binds up the feeble with strength. His gentle arms draw me in close applying the salve of His comfort and peace that my wounded heart longs for. He understands my tears because He has shed them too. And as He binds up the gaping wounds of my heart, He continues to whisper His love over and over assuring me of His presence for each step of the journey.

Even When it Hurts



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