A well lived life …


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Heaven rejoiced today. One I love has come face to face with Jesus and their reunion was sweeter than words can express.

My heart is sore. My tears flowed. They have been flowing freely for a while now. Every time I am convinced that I am at the end of the tears, it seems they come rolling back with even more tears than last time.

It has all happened too fast. Too fast for my heart and mind to catch up with this unwelcome reality.

I now live with memories, precious reminders of time spent together.

I remember a funny phone call. The wrong number was dialed. Instead of calling a potential volunteer, I picked up the ringing phone at our mutual place of business and found a familiar voice on the other end. Hearty laughter filled the office as we couldn’t believe that the front desk had been called by accident.

I remember brisk walks. Time to admire God’s creation, to hash out life and its accompanying joys and sorrows as our feet pounded the pavement and gravel.

I remember deep conversations. Much wisdom was spoken into my life from one who loved the Father deeply and knew Him with great intimacy. The legacy of faith was poured out into my life as I was encouraged to pour my heart into knowing and loving our God.

I remember long suppers. Meaningful prayers were spoken over life and the meal. If the average meal today is twelve minutes, our meal times were ones of deep lingering, of the more than ninety minute variety, as life was shared.

I remember precious prayers. Prayers offered up on my behalf and my family. Requests for me to pray for something on behalf of another. The reminder that sharing time with God the Father is the best way to live life.

I remember notes of encouragement. The precious words written in flowing script reminding me of truth and the love that was shared.

The memories are more precious than words can say. Each one a cherished piece of the puzzle that was a deep and abiding friendship. I am forever changed because God used this individual powerfully in my life.

Thank you Father for a life fully lived for You!

You Never Let Go


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