Did I agree to that?


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I was working on a project and stumbled across a picture of myself with a big smile on my face. Not phony or half hearted, but a genuine smile of delight. I was a bit stunned. I know I haven’t smiled like that in a long time. I secretly wondered what it would take to get that smile back!

I checked my mail and there was a thank you note from a friend. My attitude or spirit was commented on in a positive way. That line took my breath away. The writer had no idea how significant the statement was to me.

And then it hit me. I’d recently asked God to reveal to me what other areas of my life I had made spiritual agreements about. All of the dots flew into place and I realized I had made a spiritual agreement about my attitude or my spirit. It had happened suddenly and I did not realize the degree to which I had agreed with the words that others had spoken to me. The words were like a ball and chain, really more like a set of stocks cementing me into a place I did not want to be but did not realize I had gotten stuck in.

My reaction was one of disbelief. I had agreed that I was a person of frustration, anger and bitterness. I said that I was not, but I was told I was frustrated, angry and bitter and so instead of standing on truth and refuting this accusation in Jesus name, I gave in and agreed. I’ve carried this burden for years, too many years.

Jesus, the great weaver of the story lines of my life, brought all of this to a head with a picture and a thank you note. The lightbulb of understanding was lit.

Immediately, I started the process of unhooking myself from this agreement. I acknowledged the agreement that had been made, thanking Jesus out loud for bringing this to my mind and heart. Choosing truth was my next task, that my attitude is under the control of Jesus and that my heart is fixed on Him. That circumstances do not define who I am but that I am always His and He is always mine. That I choose to be filled with the Holy Spirit and have Him flowing through me reminding me and teaching me what Jesus says. Therefore, my attitude is being formed by Jesus Christ and not by people or circumstances around me.

I breathed deeply again. The load was lifted off.

Agreements are subtle. Unwittingly agreed to. The accuser of my soul is always involved because he seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Each piece of territory he can gain, through a spiritual agreement that ties me down, unleashes doubts and uncertainties in me.

As I continue on this journey of my life, I am convinced that only with the power of Jesus can my life really be what He intended all along. Jesus does not want me tied in the stocks surrounded by doubt and despair. Instead, He wants me walking in freedom and life, full of joy! So I continue to pray for the search light of Jesus to find the agreements I have made. As lies are exposed, I trust that I will recognize them and bring them to the Lover of my Soul who will help me to walk in truth and therefore be free.

Freedom and joy truly taste sweet!

Teaching on Spiritual Agreements


One thought on “Did I agree to that?

  1. It is amazing how many lies we do believe and the destructive havoc they create because of our belief in them. We can acknowledge anger in our spirits but it is not until we agree with the Holy Spirit that the anger will destroy us that we can begin to address the lie behind that anger. Thanks for addressing this.


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