A season of …

I look back on this year and am blown away by what this year has held. I did not see any of this coming and that is definitely a good thing. If I would have known, I may have run for cover and stayed there!

It is a season of reflection. As my life is tied so closely to the school year, June often feels like the last week of December. What has happened over the course of this year of my life? How do I feel about it? What could I have done differently? What steps do I take next year so as not to repeat some of things that occurred this year?

It has been a season of fun. I have been able to travel and have plans for this coming summer that I am looking forward to. I have checked items off my bucket list. I have made new friends and tried new things. I have smiled and laughed. I look forward to repeating this season!

It has been a season of sorrow. I have grieved more deeply this year than I was prepared for. I knew there were those in my family who were not well and who I would need to say goodbye to in this life. But grieving has been a hallmark of this year. The illness and subsequent passing of one of my mentors was completely unanticipated and unexpected. My heart has been so sore and my eyes have cried many tears. It has hurt deeply because those I have lost have been much loved!

It has been a season of learning. New things continue to come across my plate. New challenges have sparked a desire to understand. Some have been for my own enjoyment. I knew I liked curling, I just didn’t know how much! Others are work related. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on that camera!

It is a season of see you soon. This year’s group of learners will soon be former students. Colleagues are transitioning to new positions. Another key mentor is moving on to a new call of God. These are the bittersweet moments of life. They are good, I know that in my heart, but they don’t feel particularly good, my heart is sad about it too!

I look forward to a season of rest. Less of a schedule. More time for reflection and restoration. More spur of the moment plans, less of a routine. The joy of summer and all that it holds.

I don’t know what season is next awaiting me. It will undoubtedly have surprises that I am delighted by. The possibility of further sadness is the tension of the life we live. Parts of it will be busy. Other pieces will allow me to put my feet up! Each one will become a part of my story that my Father continues to weave through my life. Therefore, each season is one that is a blessing regardless of the emotion attached to it.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. – Romans 15:13


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