When a flower points to heaven


Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Psalm 8:9 (NIV)

God, brilliant Lord, your name echoes around the world. Psalm 8:9 (MSG)

Giverny, the home of Monet, boasts one of the most prolific gardens I have had the pleasure of seeing.

My ability to paint is very slim. Frankly, my artistic skills when it comes to pencil or pen are sadly lacking. I had a friend who told me that because I am musical, I am also therefore skilled in drawing. That was a well intentioned thought, but definitely not a true statement.

So, knowing that Monet planted his gardens in order to have prompts for his paintings means that the creative genius of the man was spectacular.

And as I wandered through the gardens, I was reminded again that God, the Creator of all things, has a taste for the unusual and unique that defies my understanding. My camera clicked away as flowers came into view. While some of the flowers were similar in style and shape, their unique colouring and combinations were a delight to my eyes. If my eyes are filled with smiles of delight, then, my Father’s face is wreathed in smiles of joy! His creativity, His power, His design is manifest in each one. And each flower reminds me that the Creator of the universe not only looks on the flowers and smiles, He does the same thing with me!

Oh what delight, found in each flower! What a brilliant Lord!



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