Stars that sing


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I was on the back of a Jeep while on a safari in Kruger National Park. We had stopped for a bit in the absolute middle of nowhere and I tipped my head back. The sky danced. From one end to the other, stars dotted the night’s sky. Some gathered in formations and swirled to and fro. Others were solitary dots of light. I was reminded of how small I am. My God is the commander of the night sky. To think that He created the starry host and He knows each one by name.

Be exalted in your strength, Lordwe will sing and praise your might. Psalm 21:13 (NIV)

Show your strength, God, so no one can miss it. We are out singing the good news! Psalm 21:13 (MSG)

The same hands that formed every star, placing it in the sky in exactly the right place are the hands that formed me. I am amazed at God’s power on display in the night sky or when a storm rends the sky in two. But I am rather critical of His work found in me. I have a list of things I would change. Features I would love to alter. My Father knew that my hands should have no role in shaping my physical form. He has made me in His image. A tangible display of His power and might. One that stares back at me in the mirror.

All of creation sings back praises to God as it reveals who He is. We hear it in the pitter patter of the rain. It is seen in the uniqueness of each snowflake. The carpet of grass covered in the rainbow of fallen leaves speaks to His power. Brilliant sunshine or a cloud filled sky testify to His sovereign hand over it all.

I, too frequently, complain back to God about what He has made. As if I could make it better! Trusting me with that design task would have been a complete and total disaster! My artistic skills and creative spark are supremely limited. God’s creativity knows no bounds. Instead of lamenting the evidence of His design, My heart should be filled with rejoicing. I am made in the image of the King and He makes it all beautiful.

May my feeble voice join with all creation announcing the amazingness of my God.


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