When God confides …


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One of these days it will happen. We’ll both have time in our schedules and we’ll make plans to sit at a table together. She will come with her stories and I will come with mine. Dinner will be one constant chat between bites and that will not be enough. We’ll continue the conversation in some other location over something hot to drink. Eventually the manager will walk past our table and give the “we close in ten minutes” notice and we’ll reluctantly throw out our trash as we make our way to the door. It will be a slow saunter to vehicles and we might just continue the conversation in the parking lot. I confide in her and she confides in me. We share the dirt and grunge of life along with it’s joys and triumphs. She doesn’t just encourage me (although she does a lot of that), but she also calls me on the bits that don’t measure up. She’s willing to have the tough conversation with me. Because we’ve been down these roads together for a number of years, my bestie is one I trust and so I am willing and able to be vulnerable with her. We’ve chosen to share the good and the bad knowing that we are the better for it.

The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. Psalm 25:14 (NIV)

God-friendship is for God-worshipers; They are the ones he confides in. Psalm 25:14 (MSG)

According to the dictionary, confide means “to tell someone about a secret or private matter while trusting them not to repeat it to others. It can also mean to entrust something to someone for safekeeping.” I don’t have a lot of people who are my confidantes. If I am willing to confide in you, I have found you to be trustworthy. You have had my back. You have stood up for me when I wasn’t necessarily expecting it. You have been a sounding board with a proven track record. I can count on your wisdom, strength, and support. You are the closest of close friends.

As I was reading through Psalm 25, my eyes ground to a halt at the phrase “The Lord confides.” I couldn’t jump past that point. As I think of God in perfect relationship within the Trinity, I think of them confiding in each other all the time. God the Son shares with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. The circle of confidence continues and has continued from eternity past and will continue into eternity. It is a perfect relationship of mutual understanding.

But God’s desire to confide extends beyond the Trinity. He desires a relationship of intimacy and trust with His creation. He chooses the God fearing. He desires to walk closely with them, to reveal even more of Himself to them.

God has always desired such a relationship with people. He is the God who walked in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day. From the way it is worded, God walking with His people was something that He did regularly. It was a part of their day, a routine. So when His people changed the pattern, He went “looking” for Adam and Eve. They attempted to hide from Him but He was declaring His faithfulness and presence in the midst of their disobedience and betrayal. (Genesis 3:8-10) Instead of refusing to spend time with them because they had sinned, this is the God who pursued His creation. He knew exactly where Adam and Eve had hidden themselves. He is all knowing, but He has given His creation a free will. He knows we will often be distracted and wander away from what He desires for us. But my God is the one who will continue to come after me with love and justice, holiness and compassion, grace and forgiveness. He desires for me to engage in authentic relationship with Him.

My bestie and I often have trouble remembering when we first met. We are shocked at the number of years over which our friendship has grown. Because of time, we know each other better now than we used to. My God desires that same kind of vibrant, enduring, growing relationship with me. It isn’t meant to start and stop, or be on and off again. He desires that our relationship would be one of constant development and growth. He and I would become more intricately linked with our lives more deeply intertwined. I don’t always treat our relationship that way. I am far from constant. He always is. I am forgetful. He only forgets my sin. He is ever faithful. I can be hard hearted. He is tender and patient. I frequently love conditionally. His love never ends.

I am in desperate need of a friend like my God. I want to be one He confides in.

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