Light and dark places

Psalm 119_105.jpg

We’ve been lighting two candles for Advent this week. The mornings are dark with the sun just coming over the edge of the building as we sit down for our devotions. Two candles wouldn’t seem to create very much light. But even a little bit of light makes an amazing difference.


Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. I have taken an oath and confirmed it, that I will follow your righteous laws. Psalm 119:105-106 (NIV)

By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path. I’ve committed myself and I’ll never turn back from living by your righteous order. Psalm 119:105-106 (MSG)


I’m in need of light. Dark has a way of creeping in all over the place. I don’t like how susceptible I am to the dark’s influence.

But I am reminded that I have a light source that trumps any darkness. However, do I access the light available to me? I can have God’s word. I can open God’s word. But is it just there as some sort of guide book? Or is it more.

A guide book can be helpful. It will have maps and directions. Ideas and possibilities of things to do. But God’s word is more than a guide book. A guide book is all about suggestions and ideas. I can ignore them or follow them. But I think I sometimes apply the same mindset to my Bible. Maybe God meant this … Or maybe this passage means something else. I should obey God in this … Do I really need to obey God in that?

God’s Word as a guidebook is definitely not enough. I definitely need more. A lamp for my feet. A light for my path. A God who directs and guides my life. I need this! But do I trust Him? Do I trust His leading? Sometimes. When I don’t trust my God’s leading and guiding, I end up in places I don’t want to be. There’s dark corners I have been in. The rabbit trails I have led myself down have been problematic.  When I do trust my God to lead and direct my life, it’s interesting where He takes me. Light is shed in some unusual places. Change occurs. I become more like the Father! It’s a good thing.

I’m in need of light on my path. God’s Word has all sorts of possibilities to reveal the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in my life. If I pay attention to what God is up to, the light shines a little brighter.

Thank you, Father, for being the light on my path. May You continue to use Your Word to speak Your truth into my life. Amen.


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