Presence …

Psalm 114_7 (3)

Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord; at the presence of the God of Jacob, Psalm 114:7 (NIV)

Tremble, Earth! You’re in the Lord’s presence! In the presence of Jacob’s God. Psalm 114:7 (MSG)


Cathedrals are often the places where God and I have talked. His voice has never been loud or demonstrative. It’s quiet and still. A gentle whisper in the middle of the noise of a busy cathedral.

There’s always been something He has drawn my attention to. He doesn’t meet with me by chance. He has something to say. A reminder of His presence. A reminder that He is with me. A reminder of His love. A reminder of His goodness. It’s something I know, but often, I have completely forgotten it, even neglected it. His reminder is timely.

He is never accusatory. His words are phrased with gentleness and love. A reflection of His nature of mercy and generosity to me. He is never loud and boisterous. His tone is quiet. I need to lean in to hear what He says to me. My heart needs to be still. If I don’t concentrate, I miss it.

There’s always some sort of reaction. It cannot be helped. I know smiles have crossed my face as God has demonstrated His sense of humour. At times I have been puzzled. What does God have for me? What message am I supposed to receive? What reminder do I need? Usually, I need to have the tissues close at hand. My times of deepest reflection with God have tears all over them. It can’t be helped. His tenderness has flooded me. I cannot help but know that my God’s heart beats with kindness towards me. It blows my mind. The Maker of the universe knows me that well. He is that specific. I cannot help but respond back with love and affection to Him. He is worthy of all the adoration and praise that I can give Him.

If my reaction to God is awe and wonder, how can the earth not do the same back to Him? He formed it. His creativity demonstrated from the mightiest waterfall to the tiniest blade of grass. He orders it. The seasons testifying to periods of growth, development and dormancy. He sustains it. The sun in just the right position to warm it. The cool of night to refresh it. The rain and snow to water new life on it. It all points back to Him. The presence of the Lord – majestic, holy, awesome, full of wonder!

How great is our God!


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